Part 6 - A CBD Expert Shares Her Journey

Part 6 - A CBD Expert Shares Her Journey

I’m back to share the story of my journey with CBD and my CBD-inspired business Thrive Wellness Lounge. 

Tish Fletcher shares the story of my journey with CBD and my CBD-inspired business Thrive Wellness Lounge.

How my CBD journey started

As an educator, I was shocked and offended after being approached by a huge CBD company to be a brand ambassador. This is before I knew anything about CBD. 

In the late fall of early 2020, I was in the emergency room after my double mastectomy. I didn’t want to take the pills doctors prescribed me and was going to bed every night in terrible pain

Dreading another sleepless night filled with pain, I decided to take one of the CBD soft gels I was given and literally slept without pain–something that hadn’t happened in a long time. 

This experience got me to start researching, trying, and making my own CBD products. After getting positive responses and tons of encouragement from friends and family that tried my products, I decided to start a CBD business Thrive Wellness Lounge

Sharing my journey online 

I started sharing my journey online a few days before my preventative double mastectomy. I decided to have the operation done when my doctors told me I had PALB2, a gene that increases your chances of getting cancer. 

I decided to have the operation because it significantly reduced my chances of getting breast cancer.

I wanted to share my journey for a few reasons:

  1. As a way to use my pain to help other people who might go through the same thing. 

  2. To understand why I was going through the pain I was in. 

  3. To encourage people to get tested, advocate and learn about breast cancer. 

I went from being a health coach and improving people's health, to having zero energy myself, and not being able to walk 5 minutes on the treadmill.

Why I started Thrive Wellness Lounge

I was inspired by my grandmother who was always taking care of people but also took the time to take care of herself. I started Thrive Wellness Lounge for people seeking solutions to their health problems and a more active lifestyle.

I came up with the name Thrive Wellness Lounge because I wanted people to know they don't have to just survive but can really thrive in life when they make their own health and wellness a priority. 

I make no medical claims but have gotten tons of reviews and testimonials from people hurting in many different ways:

  • People seeking relief from anxiety

CBD helps people looking for relief from anxiety

  • People in chronic pain 

CBD helps people find relief from chronic pain

  • People recovering from surgery 

  • People with Opioid addictions

  • People having trouble sleeping 

CBD Fruit Punch Tincture 5-star review Sleep better with help from CBD tincture help with insomnia

I’m selling solutions not just products, I'm here to listen to people's problems and understand their needs, so I can help them reach their goals through the amazing benefits of CBD. 

Benefits of my products 

Benefits of bath bombs

CBD bath bombs help anxiety, sleep, and relaxation CBD bath bombs from thrive wellness lounge have a lot of benefits

CBD is an anti-inflammatory so when you're taking a bath with my 100mg Good Night Sleep Bombs you're going to have a relaxing healing bath that’ll lead to a great nights sleep. They’re also infused with lavender and eucalyptus essential oils which have tons of benefits and create a spa-like experience at home.

Benefits of CBD gummies

CBD gummies are great for reducing anxiety CBD gummies are convenient

CBD gummies are great for reducing anxiety, they’re portable which makes them great for fighting anxiety whether you’re experiencing stress throughout your day, in traffic on your way home, or when you fly.

Benefits of the 15-day challenge kit

15-day challenge kit CBD clean energy detox tea Nutraburst liquid multivitamin

My 15-day challenge kit has 3 products packed with benefits. 

NRG - These are supplements that basically send happy signals to your brain and give you clean energy without jitters. 

NutraBurst - A liquid multivitamin that bypasses the digestive system and you can feel the effects quickly almost like a tincture. 

Detox Tea -  A gentle detox tea that makes sure you're using the restroom regularly, and flushes out toxins stored in the body. 

Benefits of CBD body oil 

Benefits of CBD body oil as an anti-inflammatory it works as a topical when applied externally to body parts

As a topical anti-inflammatory CBD infused body oil works when applied externally to muscles or joints with aches and pains. Even if you’re not in pain you’ll be able to feel the effects of having an anti-inflammatory on your body.

Benefits of Slim Possible

SlimPossible Softgels are infused with TCHV an appetite suppressant that can help reduce your appetite TCHV is helpful when fasting

Infused with the cannabinoid THCV SlimPossible Softgels help suppress overactive appetites and can be helpful if you’re fasting. 

My vision for Thrive Wellness Lounge 

My goal is to help people struggling mentally or physically to see every day as an opportunity to experience new things and improve not only their lives but other lives as well, by inspiring them to make healthier choices.

Thrive wellness lounge CBD experts visit for anxiety and pain relief get the health and happiness you deserve

I built Thrive Wellness Lounge to make an impact on my community by opening the space for healthy change and encouraging people to focus on their health and well-being, the first step to truly thriving in life. 

If you want to learn more or have any questions, feel free to reach out via Instagram or Facebookand if you're looking to experience the life-changing benefits of CBD you can visit my website

Until next time - Tish