Part 5 - Expert knowledge on CBD

Part 5 - Expert knowledge on CBD

Welcome to part 5 in our series where I answer your biggest questions on CBD, let's get started! 

Can I use CBD for sleep? 

Yes! CBD eases your mind and helps you get a full night of restorative sleep (without waking up groggy). 

Is there a cannabinoid to help quit smoking? 

The cannabinoid THCV can help people looking to quit smoking because it works to curb cravings. But in general, CBD actually helps people quit harmful addictions like heavy smoking or drinking. 

Why I started using CBD

I was looking for relief from poor sleep and chronic pain, and CBD really helped! 

How has CBD improved your life? 

The #1-way CBD has improved my life is by helping me get great sleep, especially after my surgery. 

What’s your favorite CBD product?

My favorite CBD products are tinctures because CBD tinctures are an easy way to relieve pain and anxiety and get your daily dose of CBD

My favorite CBD product is tincture, mostly because they’re easy to use and the effects can be felt within minutes. 

What CBD product do you use every day? 

I use CBD tinctures every day because it’s one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of CBD, helps reduce inflammation, and calms my mind as well. 

What's the best CBD product for a gift?

Good Night Sleep CBD Bath Bombs Product Picture CBD bath bombs work great as an anti-inflammatory and help you get a good night of sleep

My CBD bath bombs make great gifts because they’re relaxing, a natural sleep aid, and provide a spa-like experience at home!

Describe CBD oil in one word

If I described CBD oil in one word it would be relaxing CBD tincture oil is very relaxing

Describe CBD gummies in one word

Describing effects of vegan gummies CBD gummies have Calming effects on the mind and body

Describe CBD detox tea in one word

Detoxing CBD tea CBD Detox Teas effects feel Rejuvenating calming relaxing CBD detox tea is Detoxing CBD tea CBD Detox Teas effects feel Rejuvenating calming relaxing CBD detox tea is Rejuvenating

That's it for part 5 of our series. Join me in Part 6 where I explain my own journey with CBD.

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