Part -1 What’s CBD and Why do people take it?

Part -1 What’s CBD and Why do people take it?

Interested in CBD but don’t know anything about it? In this post, we’ll ask LaTisha Fletcher, an expert on CBD, (the founder of Thrive Wellness Lounge) some frequently asked questions about CBD.

For example, what is CBD, is CBD legal, is CBD addictive? Let’s start with one of the most common questions Tish gets…

What is CBD?

CBD is one of over one hundred compounds found in cannabis (a cannabinoid), but unlike THC (another cannabinoid), CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t get you high. 

Lots of people are curious about CBD gummies (they do taste great btw…) but wonder if they’ll end up getting addicted. 

Are CBD Gummies Addictive? 

CBD and CBD gummies are not addictive and can actually help people quit harmful addictions like heavy smoking or drinking, and unlike alcohol or THC there’s no brain fog, headaches, or hangovers when taking CBD. 

Are CBD edibles legal?

Yes! CBD is legal in all 50 states and at all levels of the US government! 

What is Delta-8

CBD and Delta-8 are two completely different cannabinoids, Delta-8 is THC (not CBD) and is illegal in some states, so check your local laws before purchasing any Delta-8 products. 

Can CBD make you tired? 

Yes, while CBD can make you tired it promotes the deep, restorative sleep that our bodies desperately need. 

How do CBD bath bombs work?

CBD is an anti-inflammatory and works as a topical, meaning you can feel CBD’s benefits when it’s applied externally to the skin. Taking a bath with a CBD bath bomb promotes relief from minor aches and pains as well as a good night’s sleep! 

How does CBD aid recovery?

CBD aids recovery in a few ways: 

  1. CBD helps relieve pain as an anti-inflammatory. 
  1. CBD helps us to get a full night’s sleep THE best way to help your body recover and 
  1. CBD gives relief from feelings of anxiety and/or depression that steal our energy. 

We’ve mentioned that CBD helps with anxiety so you might be wondering… 

How is CBD helpful for anxiety?

When feelings of anxiety or moods become extreme, CBD has a general calming effect. CBD brings balance to your body and mind by helping regulate bodily functions, like internal temperature (so you don’t catch a cold/fever) and mood (so you’re not anxious). 

How can CBD change your life? 

CBD can change your life by:

  1. Improving your sleep habits
  2. Easing overwhelming feelings of anxiety and/or stress
  3. Relieving discomfort from chronic aches and pains. 

If you ask Tish, the founder of Thrive Wellness Lounge, CBD has changed her life by providing the restorative sleep and relaxation she needed to recover from surgery and has helped her bring positive change to many other people as well.


If you want to learn more or have any questions, feel free to reach out via Instagram or Facebook, and if you're looking to experience the life-changing benefits of CBD you can visit my website Join us in part 2 of this series where I'll be answering even more of your questions on CBD! 

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