We're so happy you're here.

After a season of poor health, I really just wanted to feel a little bit better. I kept saying "yes" to everyone & everything except me. Ever been there? Eventually, my health required that I prioritize "self-care" and reclaim my time!

I get it sis! It doesn't seem like you have enough hours in the day! BUT - As I evolve my own rituals, I want to help you find ways to get better at feeling better. Sometimes slowing down & prioritizing self - our own emotional, spiritual, physical, & financial health is just what the doctor ordered.

My mission is to encourage you to pursue self-care habits, so that you will have the energy to passionately pursue your dreams & purpose!

- Tish Fletcher, Founder & Chief Care Officer

We Love What We Do

Inspired by my great grandmother, Ora Mae Reese, and her love for a nice bath, lathering herself in lotion, spraying a little "smell good" and more - I've revisted those sacred self-care rituals in an effort to get back to basics.

FLETCHER + REESE is our signature CBD line that launched in 2021 with bath bombs, salts and body oil. The line will continue to expand as we also source more amazing products to carry in our storefront, Thrive Wellness Lounge, that opened in 2022 in the Woodlawn community of Birmingham, AL. Whether you're a click and order customer or brick and mortar, we care abouot yoour health. Never hesitate to reach out via text at (205) 878-6468.

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