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Love it

My hubby has been having issues with his back for a while, but when I bought this CBD oil, I massaged him to sleep and he woke up raving about it! And it doesn't have a harsh smell, actually pleasant! Thank you so much for this oil, it really has changed our lives!

Great Products & Excellent Customer Service

Excellent products

The products and customer service are excellent. I’m definitely recommending to others and ordering again.

Delta-8 Gummies
Anna Bass

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Delta-8 Gummies

Eucalyptus Oil
Zelda Kitchens

This CBD Oil with the eucalyptus is very soothing for pain and comforting to the soul. My first time using this oil was with a migraine. I dabbed a little on the back of my neck and head through to the forehead. It truly helped. I also use this oil on my achy joints and muscles. A little goes a long way. Keep the bottle upright because my bottle does leak if it falls over. This really some good stuff!!

Good Night Sleep Tight Tincture
Alesia Nelson

Good Night Sleep Tight Tincture

Soothing Salve
Tomeka Johnson
Extremely helpful

This salve is the only salve that I have tried on my ankle that actually provides relief. I’ve been searching for over 5 years.

Fruit Punch Oil
Vickie Holloway
Love it

I received a good report from my doctor today. My blood pressure, A1C and weight loss has all improved. For the first time in months I’ve had some good news.

Sleeping better

Sleep gelees really work well.

CBD Gummies

I have been having the best sleep since I have been taking the gummies. I have a medical condition called neuropathy which has made it difficult to rest at night. These gummies are excellent!

Restoration Soak
Antoinette Davis

Thanks, I was wondering how I could reach out to you, with questions on how to use the bath balm and crystals. I’m one of the folks who needs instructions. Thank you much!!

Restoration Soak
Lesley Brown
Restoration Soak.

I love this soak, it take away my leg cramps when i stretch during the middle of the night, i will be purchasing again.

Awesome product!

I’m ordered the gummies and they really worked well. Will definitely order again!

Tension Headaches

I used to smoke cigarettes so when I quit every so often I'll get a tension headache finally found something that relieved and relaxed me and relieve my tension even relax the muscles that use to jump in my legs and feet

Soothing Salve

Great service


I have gotten the best sleep in years since I began taking the gummies. I’ve been diagnosed with neuropathy and if you know anything about neuropathy it can disrupt every part of your life. You have got a customer in me! 😊

Soothing Salve
Alden Darby

Soothing Salve

Mask Refresher
Waconda McIntyre

Great product. Will order again.

"Self-Care Isn't Selfish" Message Tee
So comfy!

Love the shirts! They really make a statement and I feel so comfortable and confident walking around in them.

Mocha Glow Coffee Scrub
Kellee Halford
Love it

Used the scrub and my skin has never felt better!

Eucalyptus Oil

I love that I can just take it on the go with this roll on it's a very light smell , the eucalyptus smell is wonderful cause some eucalyptus is to strong and this one smell every light 🥰 ..It really helps me sleep every well at night I'm very happy!!! Will purchase again🥰🥰

Relief + Recovery Gel
Eloise Henderson
Amazing Results

I purchased the Relief & Recovery Gel for my mother who is 84 y.o. and has pain, stiffness and decreased range of motion in her hands due to arthritis. Within just a couple of days after using this AMAZING product she experienced INCREASED range of motion in her hands as well as much needed relief from the arthritis pain!!! She is an avid gardener and the Gel is allowing her to resume working in her yard and completing simple
daily tasks around the house. I am so grateful to have found Fletcher + Reese and I will be purchasing their CBD In product for sleep! Looking forward to writing another review about how I have over come my bouts of insomnia 👌☺️

R + R Cream
Collette Darby

This gives me topical relief that I need. Love that it’s natural and requires no type of medication. I’m pain free!

Intimacy Suppositories with CBD
N. Mac
Relaxed Pleasure!

Definitely felt relaxed and ready. I love the limited amount of mess that these provide. Will buy again.

Relief + Recovery Gel
Roll-On Relief Gel

Perfect for my tendonitis. Thank you!